TAKA Material & Systems Laboratory, inc.

TAKA Material & Systems Laboratory


Company Outline

Company Name
TAKA Material & Systems Laboratory, inc.
Head Quarter
R&D Center
4-30, Honmachihigashi, Chino-city, Nagano, 391-0003, Japan
Tel : +81-266-78-7174
General Headquarters
For Business
K2 Bldg, 3-6-9, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan
Tel : +81-3-6441-2821
Nagano Factory
1868, Kakumae, Hirookanomura, Shiojiri-city, Nagano, 399-0702, Japan
May, 2008
Executives and
Founder & Chairman  Takanori Makino
CTO  Kiyohiko Takemoto
Auditor  Mitsuru Komiyama
Our Business
  1. Ink Jet Ink Development and Manufacturing
  2.      Ink Cartridge
         Ink Pack Filling

  3. Functional Pigment and Dispersion
  4. High-performance Functional Ink and Paint
    • Inkjet
    • Offset, Silkscreen, Flexo, Gravure
    • Writing Materials, Stamps, and wide variety of ink
    • Spray Paint
  5. Special Printing System Development
    • Color Management System
    • Anti-counterfeit Art Design and System
    • Design Application
  6. High Performance Value-added Printing
  7. Special Functional Molded Resin

Develop, manufacture and market the above.

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