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What is innovative TL-COLOR UV Fluorescent Ink?

“TL-COLOR” is our proprietary UV Fluorescent Colorant that is clear and transparent under normal light and provides full-color luminosity under UV light, offered together with our total solution systems.

Breath-taking Expressive Power

TL-COLOR is distinguished by the image quality that can be mistaken to photographs or liquid crystal display, and it amazes you with the quality in brightness, intensity, and gradation.
TL-COLOR satisfies you with visual expression that is unique and incomparable to conventional black-light ink that produces image under black light.

Ink itself emits light, and therefore it amazes you with its unprecedented luminosity.

TL-COLOR embraces you with its gracefulness, and it enables you to express your ideas vividly with strong impact.

In visible light

In UV light

TL-COLOR perfectly reproduce intricate shades and delicate gradations of marble sculptures. This is inimitable to conventional UV fluorescent ink.

TL-COLOR produces the image without loosing the beauty of the genuine article.

In visible light

In UV light

Transformation from Black-and-White into Full-Color Printing

Realized by the technical expertise that has brought K3 ink technology into the world, the highest echelon of the black-and-white inkjet printing.



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