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Brand Concept

UV Fluorescent Ink has been in use for decades all over the world in the domain of anti-counterfeit.
However, TL-COLOR has been put into the world by TAKA’s world-class unparalleled technology and sensitivity, drawing a clear line with the conventional products.

TL-COLOR, explorers two opposing concepts — a unique perspective that expresses color with light and the question of “how can it be kept from being seen?”

TL-COLOR Brand Concept

“Creating” color

We pursues the synthesis of pigments as the basis of color reproduction, the dispersion stabilization, and the functional sophistication, that elevates its power of expression to the level of fine art.

“Enchanting” with color

Our original color management system fully leverages the superior qualities of TL-COLOR ink to broaden the power of expression to depict the perspective of fusion between color and light.

“Protecting” with color

“How can it appear as beautifully and brilliantly as possible while kept from being seen?” –Answering this question by combining our ultra-advanced chemical technology and software technology together, TL-COLOR achieves forgery prevention printing that is extremely simple and overflowing with creativity.

“Changing” the world with color

We express a new perspective of light and color that blends chemical technology and the sensitivity of fine art.

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