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History of Fluorescent Ink

UV Fluorescent Ink has been in use for decades in the domain of anti-counterfeit, such as notes’ security. Then, why has it not been in use for other applications?

[Reasons]-Fluorescent Ink from the past century-

  1. Low Luminosity
  2. Poor Color Intensity and Coarse Gradation
  3. Color Balance being insufficient for optimum full-color printing
  4. Ink Quality not satisfying for large volume industrial printing
  5. Low efficiency due to unstable color management and print-process work flow, resulting in cost issue

These are the reasons why UV Fluorescent Ink could not satisfy high-level requirement for creative expression nor secure the output quality, and therefore, industrial application of the UV Fluorescent Ink has not been established.

TL-COLOR Brand Concept

20th century was the era lead by the technology.
But, what the world demands is what stimulates a change in sense of value or conceptions through technology as the mean.
And, this philosophy is the bottom line of our TL-COLOR technology.

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