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Production Control System

Our production lane is set up and controlled at an ink factory that produces genuine inks for printer manufacturers worldwide, and everything we do from the production and filling of inks to the assembly of cartridges is performed with centralized management. In addition, our quality control system ensures strict control using expertise not found anywhere else in the world.

Mass Production in Clean Rooms

Preventing “debris contamination”, a cause of clogging

All mass production processes from ink production in large tanks to filling packs and assembling cartridges are performed in class sub-1000 clean rooms that are comparable to those used in semiconductor fabrication plants. As a result, “debris contamination” of the ink, which causes clogging of inkjet printer headers, is prevented.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Accumulated ink cartridge mass production expertise

The manufacturing plant has been producing ink cartridges for over 20 years. Over that time, the plant has gained the valuable expertise needed to carry out stable production including the ability to fully understand quality variations in raw materials, the ability to suppress seasonal variation factors, proficiency in training human resources engaged in manufacturing processes, equipment and machinery maintenance and inspection expertise, and know-how for maintaining an organized and clean plant. We also thoroughly manage each of these areas.

Acquired and Maintained ISO9001 Certification

Secure and reliable quality assurance

In order to achieve long-term printing stability, the physical properties of ink for inkjet printing must be very strictly controlled. Even if a single cartridge out of several tens of thousands that have been mass produced is defective, that defective cartridge can significantly impact the customer who purchased it, thereby leading to tremendous dissatisfaction and a loss of trust in the company. Recognizing this, we mass produce our ink cartridges with a strictly controlled quality assurance system in a production plant that has acquired ISO9001 certification, which is proof of secure and reliable quality assurance.

Acquired ISO14001 Certification

Contributing to environmental preservation

Today, demands for global environmental protection are stronger than ever. Therefore, in addition to pursuing higher production efficiency in mass production plant operations, it is essential that we also manage the impact that our operations have on the environment and contribute to environmental preservation. Recognizing this, we have acquired ISO14001 certification as an overall production plant, and we are contributing to environmental preservation.

Mass Production & Quality Assurance

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