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Value of Max Mirror

By applying a unique surface treatment to fine aluminum flakes, paint that uses Max Mirror inks developed by TAKA achieves continuous production of metallic luster in the decorating process, which allows a significant cost reduction.

Problems with Conventional Plating and Metal Deposition

The following problems exist with plating and metal deposition technology, which are now used in a various situations.

  • Cracks are generated due to deformation of the base material.
  • When applied to electric products such as cell phones, and tablet PCs, radio wave interference can occur.
  • Coloring is difficult.
  • High production cost caused by complicated production process and low yield as it needs batch process system.

Automobile, Motorcycle

Telecommunication Equipment


Cosmetic Container

Clothes, Leather

Billboard, Display

Applicable Applications
Business Field Printed Media Printing Technology
Mobile phone Glass, plastic Paint, Silkscreen
PC, tablet PC Glass, plastic Paint, Silkscreen
Automotive parts Plastic Paint, Silkscreen
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