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Pioneer Team of INKJET INK

The inkjet development team at Taka Material & Systems Laboratory is made up of pioneers who led the world in the development of genuine ink products at the dawning of the new inkjet printer era.

As a result, we are able to provide the market with ink that capitalizes on experience cultivated over a 20 year period in the development and production of genuine ink for printer manufacturers around the world.

Our production lane is controlled at an ink factory that produces genuine inks for printer manufacturers worldwide, and everything we do from the production and filling of inks to the assembly of cartridges is performed with centralized management. In addition, our quality control system ensures strict control using expertise not found anywhere else in the world.

At Taka, we are able to provide the following aspects that cannot be provided by compatible ink manufacturers.

・Ink design by engineers with a proven track record in the development of the purest ink in the world, and
・Manufacturing control by a genuine ink factory with the best track record and longest history in the world.

This enables us to provide not only the highest quality ink at an affordable price, but to also solve individual customer problems with a quick response and to provide ink that meets the demands of our individual customers.

Taka Material & Systems Laboratory Engineers began developing inkjet printer ink in 1985 when they worked for EPSON, which was at the dawning stage of inkjet printer development.

Developments began with a black aqueous dye ink for the EPSON Stylus, the world’s first consumer inkjet printer equipped with a MicroPiezo print head also from EPSON.

Then in the 1990s, the engineers developed a color aqueous dye ink for use in the Stylus Color and Stylus Photo Series of full-fledged photographic image printers, which were a major hit worldwide.

EPSON successfully commercialized two series of its water-based pigment inks: the 4-color DURABrite ink for use in the Stylus Color series of consumer inkjet printers, and the multi-color UltraChrome ink for use in the Stylus Pro series of large format inkjet printers for commercial use. These inks from EPSON are also used in printers from MIMAKI, Roland DG, and MUTOH.

Before long, the engineers achieved further evolution in ink developments and released its DURABrite Ultra Ink (PX Ink) and UltraChrome K3 with VM Ink Technology. Both inks have been well received by the marketplace as water-based pigment inks that enable overwhelmingly high image quality and high reliability.

The engineers also developed Eco solvent ink that uses the world’s first metallic inkjet ink, and this product is now used in large format printers around the world from companies like MIMAKI, ROLAND, and MUTOH.

The engineers also developed a water-based white ink for textile applications using titanium oxide as the white pigment.

For a period spanning nearly 30 years, the engineers have led the world as a pioneer in the inkjet ink industry, applying for over 200 patents during that time. They have helped EPSON build the inkjet ink business as one of its revenue pillars, posting annual profits of over 50 billion yen in its present inkjet printer business.

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