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Commissioned Production (OEM)

Every step of production from producing the ink to filling packs and assembling cartridges is handled at a single plant, thereby enabling us to provide the following services to our customers.

  1. Realization of advanced quality and reliability
  2. Ability to support various production scales
  3. Flexible accommodation of delivery deadlines
  4. Total production cost reduction

Centralized Control image

Realization of Advanced Quality and Reliability

Details such as ink composition and cartridge standards are strictly controlled by measuring physical properties using high precision measuring instruments and by carefully inspecting the product using various types of analyzers. Through this and a thorough quality and environmental control system, advanced quality and reliability are continuously maintained.

Ability to Support Various Production Scales

Based on ink cartridge production expertise developed through many years of experience, we are able to stably mass produce large volumes and large lots while also maintaining the ability to accommodate small volume and small lot production of various product types.

Flexible Accommodation of Delivery Deadlines

Because we handle every step of production from producing the ink to filling packs and assembling cartridges at a single plant, we are able to not only shorten delivery times but also flexibly accommodate various delivery deadlines so that the “necessary amount of product can be delivered when needed.”

Total Production Cost Reduction

For example, even if “manufacturing costs” are reduced by producing product at a plant in a developing country where personnel costs are low, in actuality, the costs related to inspection and control needed for quality assurance are high, and when defective products are produced, the ultimate result is a significant increase in overall production costs. In fact, producing products in Japan where the renowned “made in Japan” quality can be ensured enables us to realize a true reduction in total production costs.


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