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Inkjet Ink Product Overview

Introduction of inkjet ink products provided by Taka Material & Systems Laboratory, Inc.

Product Lineup※ Corresponding to each type of printer head.

1. Dye Sublimation Inkjet Inks(Transfer/Direct)
Exclusive inks that are sublimation transferred to a polyester material through hot pressing. TAKA sublimation transfer inkjet inks support a wide range of applications from apparel and fabrics to industrial materials.
2. Water-based Pigment Inks for Textile
Inks blended with a binder (adhesive) to firmly adhere pigments to fibers through the application of heat while maintaining the breathability and water absorbency of the fabric.
3. Metallic Inks
Metallic toned inkjet inks that provide an impressive sense of luster and a high level of discharge stability.
4. Water-based Dye Inks for Business
Vivid inks excelling in stability with clear coloration.

5. Water-based Pigment Inks for Business
Inks for posters and signs with advanced weather resistance and excellent color reproducibility.

6. UV Luminescent Inkjet Inks
Inks that are ordinarily colorless and transparent but that magically emit light when irradiated with UV light.

Product Lineup

Product Lineup

Cartridge 220ml440ml
Bottle 1L5L200L
Aluminum Pack 220ml440ml1L

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