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Metalic Inkjet Ink


Metalic Inkjet Ink

Printing Sample

TAKA Eco-Solvent Inkjet Metallic Ink – Printing Sample

What TAKA Material & Systems Lab, inc. Can Offer

1.Metallic Dispersion Liquid for Eco-Solvent Inkjet Ink
  • Organic-solvent-based dispersion applicable for eco-solvent inkjet ink
2.Eco-solvent Inkjet Metallic Ink
  • Inkjet Ink which can produce metallic printing onto PVC base media

Metallic Dispersion Development Concept

Development of Metallic Dispersion for Inkjet Printer Based on TAKA’s Max Mirror Technology

Conventional aluminum flake dispersion concentrate, such as ECKART’s “Metalure” Series and BASF’s
“Metasheen” series, has been available in the market for quite some time.

However, these conventional products were not suitable for inkjet ink due to:

  1. its particle size too large and too broad in distribution
  2. unsuitable dispersant
  3. unstable dispersion
Value Proposition of TAKA Metallic Dispersion

TAKA Metallic Dispersion developed by TAKA Material & Systems Laboratory, inc. has paved a new path to the development of metallic-color ink for inkjet printer.

Creative Technology

When pulverizing evaporated aluminum into flakes in the process of dispersion liquid production,
We control particle size of aluminum flake and apply special dispersion treatment.
Here, we use organic solvent that is highly wetting and permeable, less damaging against head
materials, and desiccation-resistant to secure stable dispersion.
This method provides us with dispersion liquid optimum for inkjet ink development
to realize maximum brightness.

Particle Size Distribution of TAKA Metallic Dispersion

Particle Size of TAKA Metallic dispersion distributes in a narrow range around 1μm showing small variation.


Particle Size Distribution of TAKA’s Aluminum-flake dispersion

Eco-Solvent inkjet Ink – Design Concept

Inkjet Printer Ink Design with TAKA Metallic Dispersion Liquid

TAKA has engineered Eco-solvent Inkjet using TAKA’s Metallic Dispersion Liquid.  To engineer Inkjet Ink, composition must be optimized to accomplish:

  1. to secure stability of ink droplet discharge by matching with inkjet printer head
  2. to establish long-term printing stability by matching with printer itself.
  3. to provide excellent penetrating and drying property onto recording media
  4. realize high image quality through technology coordination

Especially, metallic ink is required to accomplish the above mentioned mission at advanced level to obtain maximum brightness.

Value Proposition of TAKA Eco-solvent Inkjet Ink

TAKA’s Eco-solvent Inkjet Metallic ink generates printed image of excellent brilliance as the aluminum flakes become oriented in uniform direction on a photo paper. Also, it can generate metallic printing on PVC-base media.

Innovative Technology

With the metallic dispersion developed by TAKA, TAKA’s engineers with complete understanding on the characteristics of the dispersion designs the formula for optimum performance. This end-to-end engineering is the key for functional sophistication of the ink. TAKA’s highly sophisticated metallic ink enables you to generate unique POP printing with strong power of expression.

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