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Discharge Defect Inhibiting Ink from TAKA

Causes of Inkjet Printing Discharge Defects

The following can cause ink discharge defects in inkjet printing.

  1. Foreign matter becoming mixed in and deposited
  2. Ink solidifying or becoming more viscous
  3. Air bubbles

Of these, ink discharge defects caused by air bubbles are often attributable to the usage environment, and have been regarded as unavoidable no matter what the manufacturer does.

Air Bubble Control through TAKA Technology

Controlling air bubbles, which are one cause of defective inkjet discharge, has been regarded as difficult.

The reason for this is that the control of air bubbles and the fixation and quick drying of printed material are in a contradictory relationship.

However, TAKA has been able to successfully control air bubbles while also ensuring fixation and quick drying of printed material.

Using TAKA ink, cleaning and other ink waste can be prevented, and printing can be comfortably performed while eliminating wasted costs.

Suppressing Ink Discharge Defects



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